Independent business review

Providing an expert view on business performance and suggesting appropriate solutions

An independent business review (IBR) can be a turning point for a business facing problems. Often triggered by a concerned bank, creditor or other stakeholder, an IBR provides a candid picture of financial performance and recommends solutions and strategies to overcome the difficulties that you are facing.

Our approach  

An independent business review evaluates the underlying position of your business and identifies the immediate hurdles you need to overcome, before setting out the available options and proactive measures that will secure its long-term future. It can also be a starting point for amicable, constructive negotiations with creditors or other stakeholders. 

But it should also look beyond the numbers at the real substance of the business. Is management strong enough? Is there an over-reliance on key executives?  

Is the firm dependent on a small number of customers or suppliers? Only with a deep understanding of the context, people and dynamics of a business, and by examining issues like these, can a company build a foundation for recovery. The issues that demand most in-depth scrutiny vary with every business. 

Our team of specialists creates an authoritative IBR by deploying a hand-picked taskforce with multiple skillsets. Taking a commercial, pragmatic and practical approach to problem solving, we identify not only problems but options that give a business the best possible chance of harnessing future market opportunities.

Our services 

  • IBRs for banks and creditors
  • IBRs for management teams and boards
  • In-depth reviews into specific issues such as tax, debt financing or one-off business events
  • Follow-on work such as negotiation with lenders and refinancing
  • Restructuring and insolvency support to remedy the IBR’s findings

Our people 

We have restructuring professionals in 30 countries, across all five continents, with vast experience of national and international engagements. This means that we can support your businesses during times of challenge and distress wherever you may be based.