A New Look of Mazars in Poland Office

A modern and unconventional character, a number of innovative solutions, a workplace adapted to the current co-working trends - this is how the new Mazars head office looks like.

The Mazars office situated in Warsaw, ul. Piękna 18 got a new fresh look thanks to the renovation that was finished during autumn. The renovated space is nearly 2,000 m2 of working space for 300 people on three floors of the Zaułek Piękna building in the heart of Warsaw.

Functionality above all

The idea behind the design was to keep the space modern yet universal and practical. A large part of rooms was designed so as to serve many functions at the same time, that is why most of the office is organised as open space. Employees work at the ergonomic desks with electronic height adjustment. The number of conference rooms was increased thus enabling people to work in smaller or larger teams. Special acoustic booths for making phone calls were created for those who need quiet and focus. In addition, departments were arranged in such a way so as to enable people who cooperate on a daily basis to communicate more effectively.

We invite you to take a virtual tour of Mazars office in Warsaw

Biuro Mazars w Warszawie

Space adapted to the employees’ needs

The office was designed according to the shared workspace concept and adapted to respond to the current coworking trends. The space was adjusted to the hybrid work model. As the remote work is here to stay, a special system in the form of a mobile application has been implemented to enable reservation of individual office spaces, thanks to which people who want to work in the office are able to use freely the space for individual work as well as places dedicated to physical and online meetings.

Several zones can be distinguished on each floor of the newly designed Warsaw office space. The first zone is the daily work environment - desks for individual work usually placed near high windows, thus ensuring good daylight conditions. Another zone is the glass-wall conference rooms for project team meetings or external meetings. On each floor there are also spacious cafeterias with separate lunch areas, for socialising or just relaxing.

“One third of our employees are people under the age of 30. We had not doubt that our new office should reflect their lifestyle and respond to the need of combining on-site work with remote work and professional career with personal life,” explains Katarzyna Partyga, HR Director of Mazars in Poland.

Bright colours were chosen in the design. The colours of the walls and furnishings refer directly to brand colours - blue, grey, and white dominate. Thanks to the combination of such materials as glass, wood and concrete, the whole space took on a modern and unconventional character.

Innovative technological solutions

The office was equipped with multi-functional equipment and high-quality video conferencing systems – a 4K laser projector and video conferencing screens that combine the tasks of a video conferencing projector, flipchart, and whiteboard.

The design of the applied solutions focused on making everything work wirelessly, as modern as possible and ensuring comfortable meetings.

“What is most important to us is the comfort of our employees, therefore we believe that the change in the office philosophy that we have opted for will strengthen communication and exchange of knowledge. The new arrangement will allow us to see each other and talk more often and this already strengthens the process of knowledge and experience sharing,” says Michel Kiviatkowski, Managing Partner of Mazars in Poland. “Changes in our Warsaw office are also appreciated by our clients. For meetings with them we have equipped conference rooms situated on the top floor of the building with state-of-the-art equipment,” he concludes.