ESG Health Check

At what stage on the way to sustainability is your company?

Nowadays, companies can no longer ignore environmental, social and corporate governance issues. Public awareness around these topics is growing and consumers increasingly expect organisations to take responsibility for their actions. Building a sustainability strategy has therefore become not only a necessity, but also a key element of companies' business models.

What is the ESG Health Check?

  • ESG Health Check is a tool that helps companies identify the challenges they face.
  • Our questionnaire is the first step in building a sustainability strategy and adapting to the changing business environment.

ESG Health Check includes:

  • An assessment of your company's health and a gap analysis of the minimum regulatory and social ESG requirements based on a questionnaire developed by Us.
    • The questionnaire consists of dozens of questions on the area of ESG and sustainability.
    • The results of the survey will be collated with key insights and cross-referenced with benchmark data to create a personalised action plan formulated to address gaps.
    • ESG Health Check, which will show you the path forward and specific actions to plan the implementation of sustainability.
    • We will also familiarise you with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and provide you with guidance on how these goals can best be achieved by your company.
    • A workshop where we will guide you through the results of the survey and a preliminary plan for implementing a sustainability strategy.

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Depending on where your business is in its sustainability journey, we will assemble a team of area specialists that is focused on your unique needs and can offer solutions aligned with your goals.  Whether it’s supply chain awareness, carbon mapping, climate change risk assessments or diversity promotion, we have the expertise and experience to deliver solutions that will support companies for the long-term. We believe our bespoke approach means you’ll always have the right experts for the right project.

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