Materiality Assessment

Mazars helps companies to carry out a materiality assessment, as this is the basis and starting point for sustainability and non-financial reporting. Organisations need to identify their most relevant issues and determine what should be reported.

Working to identify these issues is key to informing an organisation's overall and ESG strategy and what, how and to whom they will report. There are both internal and external stakeholders who need to be involved in assessing the significance of the economic, environmental and social impacts of the organisation's strategy, business and operations.

Our services include:

  • Identification and assessment of relevant issues for sustainability reporting;
  • Assessing materiality according to the principle of two-way materiality, a concept that shows two perspectives of the social and environmental impact of a business and the impact of ESG factors on the business;
  • Assessment of risks and opportunities for sustainable development
  • Stakeholder analysis

Why is this so important?

  • Stakeholder engagement provides an opportunity to align business practices with societal needs and expectations, helping to ensure long-term sustainability.
  • Engaging stakeholders in dialogue to determine which social and environmental issues matter most to them will improve decision-making and increase ownership.
  • Effective stakeholder engagement is an important contributor to mitigating potential risks and conflicts.

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Depending on where your business is in its sustainability journey, we will assemble a team of area specialists that is focused on your unique needs and can offer solutions aligned with your goals.  Whether it’s supply chain awareness, carbon mapping, climate change risk assessments or diversity promotion, we have the expertise and experience to deliver solutions that will support companies for the long-term. We believe our bespoke approach means you’ll always have the right experts for the right project.

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