Performance Management

Facing an increasing competition, fast changes in customers’ expectations and progressing globalization in which costs, time, results, quality etc. become critical factors of success; companies must improve and constantly boost the effectiveness of their operations. Performance Management is becoming one of the strategic elements in reaching targets and gaining a competitive edge.

The aim of Mazars in the field of advisory services related to the management of effectiveness is helping the Customer achieve the sustained improvement of operating results and get competitive advantage.

Since you should consider the effectiveness of the whole company, we adopted a comprehensive approach to effectiveness which includes three main areas:

  • strategic steering,
  • organization and processes, as well as
  • controlling and finance.

This approach is integrated, i.e. solutions reached on the strategic level trace into structures and operational processes and are properly assessed and quantified in terms of targets and effectiveness within the confines of controlling and finance. This kind of approach guarantees cohesion and integrality of company’s operations and their strategic adequacy.

Services in different areas include:

Strategic steering

  • Evaluation of client strategy
  • Designing and implementing of approach for elaboration and evaluation of the strategy
  • Designing and implementing Business Scorecard
  • Value Management
  • Strategy planning and control system.


Organization and processes

  • Analysis and development of the organizational structure
  • Process management and optimization
  • Post-purchase integration
  • Activity-Based Costing
  • Systems and procedures of internal control
  • Change management


Controlling and finance

  • Operational model of management
  • Designing and implementing of controlling system
  • Audit of existing decision support system
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Reporting system
  • System of indicators and effectiveness
  • Risk management
  • Working capital management
  • Cost optimization