Implementation of the sustainable development strategy

The ESG strategy should be fully integrated into the company's business model.

Implementation of the sustainable development strategy

An effective ESG strategy will be integrated into the wider business and align all objectives with the mission to create long-term value for the organisation, stakeholders and wider society, while maintaining and improving our natural resources for future generations. For an ESG strategy to be effective, it must be at the heart of the organisation and fully integrated into the business model.

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Mazars will help you develop and implement sustainability strategies and best practices by integrating ESG factors into your decision-making process. Together with the international Mazars team, we will carry out a comprehensive change at different levels of your company.

Strategic planning is the process of documenting and setting the direction of the business by assessing both where you are and where you are going. Incorporating ESG risks into your strategic planning will allow your organisation to take these risks into account in the long term and thus enable you to overcome them.

A strategic plan gives you the space to write down your mission, vision and values, as well as the long-term goals and action plans you will use to achieve them.

A well-written strategic plan can play a key role in development and allow for the identification of those responsible for monitoring ESG risks in the organisation.

Mazars has the expertise and experience to help you connect the dots and develop an ESG risk-based strategy tailored to your organisation's needs while ensuring compliance with increasingly stringent regulations.

Mazars will help you understand the complexities of the details of engaging with your organisation's ESG strategy and our approach will be based on five key steps:


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Depending on where your business is in its sustainability journey, we will assemble a team of area specialists that is focused on your unique needs and can offer solutions aligned with your goals.  Whether it’s supply chain awareness, carbon mapping, climate change risk assessments or diversity promotion, we have the expertise and experience to deliver solutions that will support companies for the long-term. We believe our bespoke approach means you’ll always have the right experts for the right project.

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