Beyond the GAAP no. 120 - March 2018

The year began quietly with few major developments relating to standards, but March has seen a whole series of projects coming to fruition.

Some of these are highly concrete, with three very detailed decisions published by the IFRS IC on the application of IFRS 15, which we explore in our ‘A Closer Look’ feature. Others are much more conceptual, such as the publication of the IFRS Conceptual Framework, and still others are forward-looking and are prompted by the European Union’s action plans on sustainable development and the fitness of public reporting by companies.

Meanwhile, the European standards adoption process has started up again, with no fewer than five documents adopted into EU law since this February. At the last count published by EFRAG, there are still six documents due to be adopted in the near future and in time for entities to be able to apply them at the IASB’s proposed effective date.


Beyond the GAAP no. 120 - March 2018
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