Business services in CEE

Globalization, technology and changing client expectations are pervasive, at times disruptive trends, so businesses are looking for new delivery models to gain a competitive edge. For many of the world’s leading companies, this means centralizing or outsourcing business services such as accounting, human resources, IT or R&D.

More and more frequently, they are heading to Central and Eastern Europe, which has now become a privileged location for the shared service centers (SSCs), business process outsourcing (BPO), IT and R&D services centers of many international companies.

Poland, together with Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Bulgaria are important investment destinations in CEE. With more than 2,150 SSCs and 640,000 people employed, this sector continues to consistently and rapidly grow in all CEE countries.

Business services landscape in CEE today

ssc in CEE infographic


  • Qualified workforce: Rapidly-developing educational systems in CEE countries are providing companies with qualified workforce, which can lead to less management cost and on-boarding investment. Multinational companies could also appreciate the widespread language skills in the CEE.
  • Cultural and geographical proximity: the CEE region shares a common culture and time zone with Western Europe, which leads to a travel-time advantage when face-to-face meetings are expected and makes communication easier.
  • Cost-effective: Labor costs are much lower in CEE countries than in Western-European countries, which makes CEE a cost-effective investment destination.
  • Technology adoption: The growth in CEE is also fueled by the ease of adoption of new technologies like digitalization, mobile solutions, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.


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