Electronic delivery

The Act on electronic delivery of documents dated 18 November 2020 came into life on 5 October 2021, amending the delivery of official correspondence between public authorities, as well as between public authorities and entities registered in the Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG)/ companies.

The electronic form of delivering official correspondence (e-Delivery), which will eventually replace a certified mail return receipt requested, is being implemented. The correspondence will be delivered only to the address intended for electronic delivery and a related mailbox. The service of e-delivery will be provided by a designated operator (in the transition period, i.e. until 31.12.2025, the Polish Post will act as designated operator). Companies and natural persons may also make use of commercial entities’ services.

The obligation of an address intended for e-Delivery is imposed on persons with liberal professions (working as: advocates, legal advisors, tax advisors, restructuring advisors, patent agents, notaries public, advisors of the General Counsel to the Republic of Poland), entrepreneurs registered in CEIDG and entities entered into the National Court Register.

In order to use the e-Delivery system, it will be necessary to set up an address intended for electronic deliveries and a related mailbox, by filing an applicable motion (electronically) signed with a qualified electronic signature, a signature confirmed by the trusted profile (EPUAP) or a personal signature. New entities entered into KRS after 5.07.2022 and entrepreneurs registered into CEIDG after 30.09.2026 shall have such address set up automatically. Other entrepreneurs and companies may obtain the address by filing a motion on-line via gov.pl website or by contacting commercial contractors directly. It will be possible to access the mailbox with the use of a special e-Delivery application (in case of services provided by the designated operator), while the companies who chose a commercial contractor will be able to use their respective applications.

The address for e-Deliveries will be entered into a central address database. Correspondence delivered by public authorities to the address entered into the address database shall be regarded as allegedly delivered.

The new e-Delivery system will replace the Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services (ePUAP), which will be gradually withdrawn. The removal of ePUAP mailboxes together with their content will take place on 30.09.2029.

Digitally excluded persons will still be able to have letters delivered by public authorities in registered mail within the so-called public hybrid service, in which the electronically sent correspondence will be processed into a traditional paper form by the designated operator.

The implementation of the e-Delivery system is spread over time and will take place according to the below schedule:


Date of E-delivery service

Liberal professions


Entrepreneurs registered in CEIDG


Entities registered in KRS

5.07.2022 (apart from entities entered into KRS before 5.07.2022, who are required to comply with the obligation before 1.10.2022)

Government administration, Social Security Institution (ZUS), Farmers Social Security Fund (KRUS), National Health Fund (NFZ), state audit and judiciary bodies


Local government units


Courts and tribunals, executive officers, prosecutor authorities, law enforcement agencies, Prison Service


Other pubic authorities