Set-up of customised payroll processes for a large retailer from scratch

Mazars was appointed to provide the company with the accounting and payroll services. The client is satisfied with the payroll services and has been renewing the contract for the 5th year. Mazars’ team has gained wide experience in providing payroll for employees with summarised recording of working time regime, which is often used in retail business in Russia. Customisation of the standard payroll & HR software is widely used for payroll processes of other clients, which allowed payroll team to automatise payroll calculations and have better control over the results.


The task was to set up accounting and payroll processes for the client from scratch, train the staff and support the client in its retail activity in Russia. As of current moment, the company has more than 35 detached subdivisions (shops) throughout Russia with total number of employees being more than 300.


Mazars’ payroll specialists customised the standard payroll & HR software 1C for the client’s business needs, which allowed to ease the work for both teams: the client and Mazars, automatise the payroll processes and controlling procedures. The specifics of the project included 1C software training for the client’s HR specialist, high turnover of the client’s staff, big number of detached subdivisions (increased reporting and additional verifications with TA).

About the company

Global key actor of the underwear market.