Harnessing sustainability: its value in attracting new talent

15/03/22 The importance of employers holding sustainable credentials is becoming increasingly critical in the recruitment (and retention) of talent.

Research, published by Hewlett Packard1, clearly reveals how employees are more productive, motivated, and engaged when working for an employer who is a leader in social responsibility.

Employees, especially up-and-coming millennial and Gen Z talent want to be part of a journey that contributes to a better environment and a fairer society. 1 in 4 employees confirm they would consider quitting their current role and moving to one offered by a more environmentally responsible company2

A growing environmental ethos is a driving factor for increasing numbers of jobseekers. In fact, 61% of office workers agree that sustainability is no longer a nice to have for companies, it’s a ‘need to have’.

Yet, while green credentials attract top talent, sustainability is still not perceived as a priority for a great many employers. Here are just a few ways it can help you attract high quality talent: 

  1. Make sustainability part of your recruitment. To target the right talent pool, detail how sustainability is critical to your business both in job descriptions and your recruitment advertising.
  2. Align with millennials’ values in your recruitment. By 2025, millennials will account for approximately 75% of the workforce. Around 30% of staff have said that they have worked harder for businesses which employ these strategies2. You’ll find more on this in our article on recruiting and retaining Gen Z
  3. Turn employees into ambassadors. With sustainability figuring high as a point of pride in an employer, it’s likely employees will, in turn, share your company’s activities with like-minded friends, on LinkedIn and on professional network websites; further building your reputation and supporting your recruitment initiatives.

1 HP Workforce Sustainability Survey
2 Circular

Awareness of sustainability is growing in strength all over the world, especially among Millennials and Gen Z, and businesses have begun to take concrete steps to begin their sustainability journey, and open new roles related to this area. However, new generations expect their employers to full embrace sustainability across their business, and believe companies should aim to become more environmentally responsible.

We need to support future generations to make their voices heard by matching their current competencies with the talents companies are looking for. Businesses can also accompany them on this challenging journey by ensuring sustainability is an integral part of their recruitment.

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