The Case for Enterprise Risk Management in Insurance

Experts from Chartis Research and Mazars have teamed up to explore how insurers are implementing enterprise risk management (ERM), and what’s required for a successful integration.

As part of their collaboration they conducted industry interviews and research to determine the current state of ERM in insurance, and how ERM should be applied in future. The report highlights how future Chief Risk Officers (CROs) will require a wider, more strategic set of skills to fulfil a leadership role.

The report also examines how risk and ERM are changing rapidly and why it is crucial for insurers to use ERM to create real value by making decisions based on all areas of their organisation’s risks. It also examines the process insurers should take in implementing ERM, and stresses the importance of CROs for insurance companies’ future success.

Please download the full report to find out more and visit Mazars Financial Services blog for more insights.


Insurance Risk download file
Insurance Risk download file