Webinar: CEE Facing COVID-19 - Economic outlook and perspectives

Countries of Eastern Europe have coped with relatively higher resilience with public health risks of the coronavirus. Nevertheless, the macroeconomic impact on CEE underlines the varied degree of trade and investment interdependence of the region with the rest of the European Union.

Vladimír Vaňo, chief economist at Mazars in Slovakia provided participants with answers to questions caused by the spread of COVID-19 disease and ongoing economic crisis. 

In our webinar we covered:

  • Progress of the spreading of coronavirus and per-capita comparisons accross EU.
  • Relative preparadeness of CEE economies to deal with public health crisis.
  • Overview of monetary policy measures to stabilise financial markets.
  • Similarities and differences in adopted fiscal measures to mitigate economic impact of the lockdowns.
  • Vulnerability of the CEE economies by the EU-wide and global economic slowdown.
  • Overview of the impact of the preventive measures on different business sectors.
  • Outlook for the immediate expected economic damage and possible recovery scenarios.

Language: English

This event took place on Wednesday, 13th May, 2020.